Wanna break out of your box?


The benefits of becoming certified go way beyond just escaping your cubicle.

One of the best perks that Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants love about their jobs is freedom. Freedom to take on as much work as they want and even potentially build their own small business. The Accolo HCN is a network of top-tier recruiters that specialize in various verticals and are located all over the US. With the digital office we can all connect and delight Accolo clients more efficiently than any other way possible.


Flexibility to do what you love... recruiting.

• Work from home
• Manage your workload
• Can scale back on work when you want time off (travel, spend breaks with your kids, etc.)
• Can augment your current work (be a part time HCNer!)


Tools at your fingertips.

• All Accolo positions are marketed on job boards, niche sites (over 5,000!)
   and social networks (automatic pipeline)
• Access to sourcing tools (list generation, e-mail campaign generation,
   market research, job board resume databases, and more)
• Access to our member network of over 2.5M for sourcing
• Discounted LinkedIn Recruiter account
• Centralized HCN Social Network Community with access to Resources,
   Guides, eMail Template Library, etc.
• Business Cards with HCN certification logo at discounted rates

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Support : We're here to help you succeed.

• Structured training & certification program
• Ongoing training and support from HC management and
   client management (team environment)
• Accolo Job Performance Center escalation for help on particularly challenging roles

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Compensation : Love what you do
and get paid well too!

• $100,000+ potential
• You're paid for support, not only hires
• Additional payouts for performing well (Hiring Manager satisfaction
   & fill rate performance fees)
• All without having to do any business development on your own!


Network Discounts : Be independent
but get group coverage.

LinkedIn Recruiter Account : You can have this elite account at a discounted level you can’t get elsewhere!

ehealthinsurance logoInsurance : We love our Hiring Consultants so much that we want to see them thrive! Accolo offers a very unique opportunity for you to sign up for a great set of insurance plans at competitive rates. We know insurance can be a bit of a beast so we’ve made it easy through a special partnership with eHealthInsurance.



Personalized Business Cards : Pro-quality business cards that feature the Certified HCN logo to let people know you're an elite Accolo recruiter.