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Elevating RPO To A Hire Level

To A Hire LevelYou’ve probably heard of recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, and know that it’s when companies use an external provider to take charge of some or all of their recruitment process.


Our Solution Goes Beyond RPO

At Accolo, we go beyond RPO and become your all-in-one recruiting solution. As a managed service provider, we take care of everything from end-to-end, including:

  • Extensive talent acquisition analysis and planning, whether you have 10 open positions or 1000. We thoroughly evaluate what you’ve been doing and show you how to improve it.
  • Expert creation of comprehensive job description, initial interview questions, and secondary behavioral questions for each open position ensures that you attract the right candidates for the job.
  • Skilled talent scouts with access to proprietary recruiting software actively searching for best fit candidates.
  • Complete online job marketing campaigns that include all major and industry specific job boards, Accolo’s Career Network, social media, and referral marketing campaigns. We will even profile ideal talent and conduct targeted candidate outreach to find ideal candidates that may not be actively seeking new employment.
  • Talent screening using Accolo’s patented online interviewing, scoring, and ranking system to find you the best candidates out of the hundreds that may apply.
  • Managing the candidate relationship from initial application through filling the position. Candidates receive updates at every stage of the process, including a polite email if they aren’t accepted for further interviewing or the position has been filled.
  • Candidate verification, including reference and background checks. We’ll even help you make an offer to your ideal candidate.

We literally manage everything from one end of the hiring process to the other and go far beyond what they typical RPO does for its clients.


Interested in going beyond RPO, but have specific needs?

Our extensive analysis of your current recruitment process allows us to customize the Accolo solution for your business needs. We can tailor a plan that manages your entire recruiting function or just a part of it.

It’s not unusual for Accolo to manage the recruitment function for specific job functions, geographic locations, business divisions or for a defined project scope for those “one-time” hiring spikes that you may experience.

Accolo is happy to tailor a plan to fit your business needs.


Accolo is the EASY Choice

When you work with Accolo, we become your all-in-one talent acquisition team and work as a natural extension of your HR Team. With proven technology, job marketing, and the experience it takes to ensure your company hires and retains top performers, you gain cost savings, hiring efficiency, and hiring manager satisfaction.

We don’t just fill jobs, we help you transform your recruiting function. Accolo makes your work life easier.