Our HCs have the freedom to succeed.

poolguyLike snowflakes that can recruit, no two Hiring Consultants are alike. They do share the ability to get the best candidates in front of hiring managers and build outstanding client & candidate relationships; how they choose to do that (or what they wear) is up to them.

Take a look at a day in the lives of our top notch recruiters…

A day in the life of HCN Member Robb O...

8am Wake up, have a cup of coffee and get my 3 year old daughter ready for the day
9 Put shoes on, drop my daughter off at school, go home and get back into slippers
10 Sort through emails and prioritize sourcing, phone screening and client updates for the day
11 Conduct job profile call with a new client for a National Sales Manager opening
noon Minnesota Twins game! Source on CareerBuilder while watching Joe Mauer slam one out of the park
(Remember to mute game when client calls!)
1pm To the kitchen! Heat up some leftover pot roast for lunch - mmmm, pot roast!
2 Time to get creative. Write witty job description and online interview questions for National Sales Manager opening
3 Phone screens, phone screens, phone screens! Feet a bit sweaty. Take off slippers
4 Skype call with a client. Put on freshly pressed button down. Looking sharp from the waist up
5 Help out a fellow HCN member who is on vacation with some interview scheduling
6 Family is home! Dinner and quality time


A day in the life of HCN Member Wendy U...

Alarm rings! Get the day started by taking dog for a walk around the neighborhood
Sit at desk and get the day started by sorting through emails from last night and setting priorities
8 Deal with all urgent emails
9 Spend some time at kitchen table eating breakfast with husband
10 Start going through open jobs one by one scheduling phone screens, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews
noon Take dog for a quick walk around the block for some fresh air
1pm Send sourcing request for Senior Program Manager opening to Job Performance Center
2 Follow up with hiring manager for Client Sales Expert position on candidate interviews
3 Extend an offer! Kick off background and reference checks for Software Engineer opening. Win!
4 Phone screen machine! Complete a series of phone screens for Inside Sales Rep opening and get in person interviews scheduled
6 Respond to any withstanding requests and urgent emails, close computer, relax!


A day in the life of HCN Member Charlie B...

9am Start day in home office, have a coffee and some eggs and get geared up for a productive day
10 Start cranking through daily calendar, make sure that all interviews and phone screens scheduled for the day have been confirmed with candidates
11 Weekly call with hiring manager, review candidates, make recommendations and exchange updates on Inside Sales Manager opening
noon Take dog Asta for a walk around the neighborhood, make a sandwich and catch up on the news
1pm Participate in a sourcing blitz call for another Hiring Consultant’s iSCSI Engineer opening
2 Work on online interview questions and job description for a new Internal Auditor position. Create some new multiple choice questions and pull the rest from Accolo’s question library
4 Phone screens!
5 Review resumes of candidates that passed online interview questions for Agency Trainer opening, reach out to schedule phone screens for tomorrow
6 Wrap up the day, close out some last items, clean up in-box and get ready for a dinner out with a few friends!