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Accolo is a US-focused Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company that provides Elevated RPO Services far beyond what the typical RPO firm provides. We are founded on a simple premise: There is a better way to connect the two people who matter most in the recruit-to-hire process — the hiring manager and the candidate.

Given the unpredictable nature of hiring and the rise of web-based applicant tracking systems, job aggregation sites, and social networks, we set out 17 years ago to develop a unified and streamlined recruiting platform to identify, recruit and hire your most critical asset — high performing employees.

Since our inception in 2000, Accolo has refined our data-driven, patented recruiting process to offer Elevated RPO services to SMB (small to mid-size business) clients in a wide variety of industries.

Accolo was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Award Winning Services

We’ve received several awards throughout our tenure, most recently including:


Our Unique RPO Approach

We recognize that each company we work with has its own unique recruiting needs, which is why we tailor our solutions to each client. We don’t just fill jobs, we take care of your entire recruiting function from end-to-end as a managed service provider.

At Accolo, we go beyond RPO and become your all-in-one recruiting solution.

Based on our collective experience, including thousands of job launches and successful hires, we’ve identified the most effective methods and technologies to deliver high quality talent faster and cheaper than you thought possible.

Our Elevated RPO solutions are fueled by four key functions:

Proven Patented Process
Expert Recruiter Network
All Inclusive Sourcing Model
Data Driven Results

Simply stated, Accolo provides the process, people, platform and results to increase your hiring performance and reach your company goals.

Customer & Candidate Satisfaction

We measure results for every client using hiring performance metrics that include reduced recruiting cost ratio, compressed time-to-start cycle time, and increased candidate quality so that we can continue to improve efficiency and the quality of every hire. Customer satisfaction is measured one job at a time and uses direct feedback from both the hiring manager and the candidate.

We deliver hiring manager satisfaction that is twice as high as the industry average, with over 88% of hiring managers describing their experience with us as good or great.

Awards are nice, but this is what makes us most proud – your hiring success.

We also take candidate satisfaction very seriously. It’s one of our fundamental beliefs that all candidates must be treated with courtesy and respect. In fact, we routinely receive email from candidates that were not hired, thanking us for our professionalism and respectful communications.

Our Leadership Team

Our executive team brings together industry leaders with unique experience in the hiring and technology worlds.

john younger
John Younger
Founder and Executive Chairman
John’s vision for a completely outsourced staffing solution led him to found y/net in January 1996. After a brief and successful launch of y/net, TriNet acquired John and his company in November 1996 where he remained until December 1999. TriNet was one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. John left TriNet in January 2000 to start Accolo. Accolo has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2013.
mike tastle
Mike Tastle
Senior Vice President
Mike brings over 15 years of Talent Acquisition experience including executive search, corporate consulting, RPO and recruitment technology identification and implementations. He joined Accolo to lead the customer success delivery division, and in four months assumed full responsibility for company wide operations. Prior to joining Accolo, Mike founded Talent Triage, a talent acquisition professional services firm specialized at designing and implementing strategic recruitment functions for clients of all sizes and industries.
Mike Palmer
Vice President of Business Development
Michael Palmer is VP of Business Development for Accolo’s Elevated RPO Solutions. Michael helps organizations align and optimize their talent acquisition processes with their overarching business objectives. This includes conducting recruitment audits, designing and implementing recruitment strategies, processes, systems, tools and teams in order to attract, screen, recruit, select, and onboard engaged employees. Michael has over 20-years of diverse experience in the areas of talent acquisition strategy at all levels, recruitment leadership, and recruitment operations.

Our Partners

At Accolo we understand the value of building partnerships and recognizing valuable hiring intelligence. In order to provide the best services to our clients, we’ve partnered with many thought leaders in recruiting and technology.
Here is a full list of our partners »

The Accolo Manifesto

The relentless pursuit of connecting the two people who matter.

Accolo is about the relentless pursuit of connecting the two people that matter; the hiring manager and the person who is the perfect fit for the job.

It’s no secret that hiring the right person for each role can positively impact a company’s ability to execute its mission, reach its milestones and ultimately increase shareholder value. A well crafted and implemented hiring program also impacts the company’s brand. By giving everyone who applies a fair shot at being considered for each job and getting back to each applicant regardless of the outcome, the person applying for the job is respected and, in turn, is more likely to think positively about the company. After all, each applicant may also be a consumer, shareholder, referral source, future hire, employee of a supplier, your brother, sister, cousin, mother (you get the idea) or someone else you care about. It’s just us! We are enthusiastically committed to removing the barriers between these two people.

We envision a time when everyone who wants a job can find one, and the person with the opening can fill it with minimal distraction. Imagine the impact of cutting national unemployment by 30% to 50% just by eliminating this noise between the opening and the ideally suited person. Further imagine that each and every person is treated fairly and with respect.

We also recognize that we are part of a greater whole. Giving back to our local, national and global community is a core part of Accolo’s DNA. We have a choice, each of us, about what we wish to accomplish during the brief time we are on this little blue planet. Those of us at Accolo have chosen to make a collective impact that’s greater than our standing by helping companies and people doing positive things for their communities and future generations. We routinely do pro-bono work for non-profit companies and actively seek out companies making a positive multi-generational impact. For example, we LOVE helping sustainable energy related companies out-hire anything that might get in their way. Imagine a world for our great grandchildren that is free from the shackles of oil dependence.

Kindness, consideration, a dash of humor and a more thoughtful approach to how we are in the world makes it possible for us to make a bigger impact. We also have more fun!