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Harness the power of Cloud Recruiting
We arm our Certified Hiring Consultants with the most innovative combination of advanced Cloud Recruiting techniques dedicated to connecting hiring managers and perfect-fit candidates.

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Wanna break out of your box?
One of the best things that Accolo Certified Hiring Consultants love about their jobs is freedom. Freedom to take on as much work as they want to and even potentially build their own small business.

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Have what it takes to be a HCN Star?
Are you a multi-talented multi-tasker? As long as you are a top-tier recruiter that loves helping great companies find great people we want you to be part of our team.

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Recruiting is a team sport at Accolo.
Are you a multi-talented multi-tasker? We like to work hard and play even harder here at the HCN. You'll make more than money as a member, you'll make a lot of friends.

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Our HCs have the freedom to succeed.
Each of our Hiring Consultants brings their unique personalities and talents to our community but one thing that each shares is the ability to get the best candidates in front of the hiring manager.

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